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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Chris - Kaiserrific

Are you from Saint Louis? if not, where(and why did you come to Saint Louis)?

Yes I am from Saint Louis born and raised.

Which High School did you attend, (if you attended high school in MO)? (If not from Saint Louis, you can opt out of this question)

I attended Normandy High School

Which area is the best? Why? (County (North, South, West), City, St. Charles, Chesterfield, East Saint Louis, etc...)

Although I was raised in North County, I would say certain parts of the city because I love the atmosphere and culture.

Tell me something about yourself that you would like to share.

Although I write, I have a strong passion love for music.

What is/are the name(s) of your business(es) and describe it/them (please provide a website and email address if possible). Why did you start it/them? 

My business is Kaiserrific, author and poet.  I started because I found a love in poetry. It was something that always walked with me through life but it stood out from anything else.  I love every part of it.  I may not get out to the open mics like I want to but I love every bit of the poetry/spoken word life.

What three words would describe your business(es)? (If you own more than one business please give three words to describe each business).

Inspiration, motivation, and therapy

Make sure to head over to and read Kaiserrific's BACKSTORY. 

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