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St. Louis is located in the Show-Me State. Yet we are just as amazing being different and unique individuals. There are even those among us with such great talents and offer them through various businesses. The strange with the norm. A picture is worth a thousand words.

So let me Show You our story.

If you would like to be a part of this project and you live in the STL, use the following hashtag, #ShowYouSTL in instagram and watch your post appear at the bottom of the main page. Please be aware this is not a site to host garage sales. This is a site to show what unique talent you have to offer throughout Saint Louis and beyond.

Who am I?

My name is Jasmine and I live in Saint Louis, MO. Born and Raised. I am a small business entrepreneur myself with my whipped butter business called ALLTHAT MSJAZZ HAIR & BODY PRODUCTS. I also enjoy photography and want to learn more about it through this photography project.

Why did I start this project?

I have been interested in doing a photography project for quite some time but felt I lacked the basic understandings in regards to how to use a camera (film or dslr). So I've been slowly teaching myself as much as I can about photography as well as watching various DVD's and Youtube videos, but also plan on taking some classes as well to get a better understanding, but I also felt that I won't improve until I first start out and try. Another part to this project is that I'm naturally an introvert and hope this project will help me come out of my "shell" by meeting new people. Originally I wanted to do something similar to HONY (Humans of New York) and walk around Saint Louis and do small interviews and that was before I realize that HONY even existed. Then I found out that there was a similar project already going on in Saint Louis called Humans of Saint Louis (HumansofSTL). So I decided that I would put a twist to mine and want to interview small business entrepreneurs within the Saint Louis area and eventually might also add those who live somewhere else but have ties with Saint Louis.

Ever since I became an entrepreneur I feel as though I have been able to make new connections and friendships. I thought it would be great to showcase other entrepreneurs and their talents that also hail from the STL and ask them questions about their connection to the city and about their businesses, but not independent sellers or consultants for MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) companies (Ex. Mary Kay, Body by Vi, Premier Designs Jewelry) or franchises.

If you are interested please hit me up and pass the word along to others. Please be aware that the questionnaire that is emailed to you must have answers for all the questions except number 2 if it doesn't apply, but please make sure to put N/A 

Is the motivation behind your business connected to someone, something, or an experience you had as a child, teenager, or an adult? Talk about it. Don't think of it as bragging. If you are proud of your accomplishments then tell them if they are connected to your business. I'm not giving you limitations so don't put them on yourself. I want readers to be intrigued and want to know more about you. Be aware that answering the questionnaire does not automatically guarantee your article will be used.

Some of the people in my projects might have BACKSTORIES to them, others might not. If you see an option at the bottom of their page to a Backstory, please click on the link to be taken to another page that gives additional information on that subject.

Also if you look at the bottom of each post you will see a section called LABELS, if you click on any of those words it will further sort whomever else might be in the project with a similar business.

Low Res pictures on website may be used to promote your businesses, but do not cut or stamp out the business name in the pictures and please give credit to: StainColored Thoughts Photography. Hi-Res version of pictures are available for purchase without Logo stamp.

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