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Monday, April 4, 2016

Joice Happi Valentine - Fabulouswriter Productions LLC & Happi's Cleaning

Are you from Saint Louis? if not, where(and why did you come to Saint Louis)?

Yes I'm from Saint Louis

Which High School did you attend, (if you attended high school in MO)? (If not from Saint Louis, you can opt out of this question)


Which area is the best? Why? (County(North, South, West), City, St. Charles, Chesterfield, East Saint Louis, etc...)

I can't decide there's so much beauty about Saint Louis and it's surrounding areas.

Tell me something about yourself that you would like to share.

My name is Joice. Ever since I was a little girl I enjoyed singing and writing.  I remember my mom would have me sing to her friends and they would give me dollars lol. In my early twenties, I discovered an open Mic that was held at a local bar club Isis. I would go there and sing some of the songs I had written. I had even tried out for the singing contest American Idol the first year it came to Saint Louis. When I tried out they said I had a beautiful voice but I wasn't what they were looking for. I was crushed and had given up on singing at that point.

I started to focus on writing more and in 2006, I completed my first stage play "The Battle Isn't Yours." In many ways this story tells pieces of my life. In 2012 I had this play produced by a local production, although they did a great job producing it I didn't believe that it aligned with what God had for me. In 2013 I decided to step out on faith and try to produce and direct my shows alone. So I started Fabulouswriter Productions LLC. On December 14, 2013 I produced "The Battle", when I tell you that was the greatest feeling it was. I did two shows about 80 people came total. I also wrote some of the songs within in the plays. That was conformation that I was on the right path. I produced it again in  May of 2015 at the Kranzberg Arts Center.  I had so many people doubting me but let me tell you the cast did an amazing job and this time we sold out three shows.

Also in May of 2015, Fabulouswriter Productions had the opportunity to perform two skits at the Saint Louis African Arts Fest, with the teen division.  We are schedule to perform with them again this year on May 29. Also my family and I have been volunteering at the Ronald MacDonald House since 2011, our group From My Heart To Yours Too participates in their dinner program. It's an amazing experience.

I'm currently filming a Web Series, Life Love and Family, learning photography, creating tshirts, doing some painting and working on a children's book, while loving my family and few friends. I don't believe in wasting my gifts and talents therefore I'm going to use each and every one of them as I Faithfully Walk in my purpose.

Recently I've had the opportunity to sing with Ralph Butler and the Trio. I went to one of his gigs at the Barnett on Washington. As I was coming from the restroom, they were playing a song that I loved, "Alicia Keys, If I ain't Got You." So I started singing and told Ralph that I could sing that song, he gave me the mic. After their gig Ralph, Gigi and the other band player complimented my singing and asked if I sang professionally. I giggled and replied no just for fun. Gigi (I believe she's the bands director) gave me her card and told me to reach out to her. I came home and told my family about my experience and they wanted to know when would I perform again.

The next day I was sending Gigi, an email. Gigi responded and invited me out to sing with the band again at Lascelle in Granite City. After debating with myself about going because my nerves had kicked in, my son basically pushed me out the house and told me to go and told me to get my nerves together lol. Once I arrived I was seated at a table. Gigi and I caught eye contact and waved. Once they were done singing she came and asked me if I would sing I told her I was nervous but I would. So I got up there sang the song I sang before and Ralph and I sang Stevie Wonder "Isn't she lovely", the crowds response was awesome especially when they asked for more.

What is/are the name(s) of your business(es) and describe it/them (please provide a website and email address if possible). Why did you start it/them? 

Fabulouswriter Productions LLC ( I started FWP, because I wanted to write, produce,and direct my own shows, plays, etc. Writing has always been a passion so one day I woke up and stepped out on faith. 

Happi's Cleaning and Errand Services (, I started Happi's Cleaning and Errands, because I believe in multiple streams of income.  Besides who doesn't need their home or business cleaned and a few errands run? Call Happi's you'll be glad you did. 

What three words would describe your business(es)? (If you own more than one business please give three words to describe each business).

Fabulouswriter Productions LLC

Art, entertainment, diversity. 

 Happi's Cleaning

Honest, Clean, Friendly. 

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